Wednesday, October 7, 2009

We're nearly there folks!

Thanks for checking in on us!

We've been flat out working on getting the store ready for the final inspections that need to be passed by the City of Golden before we officially have the permission to open and start selling coffee and books to you guys.

So the question of the day (and the question we get asked by everyone that stops by these days) is, "When are you guys opening?" Well, we had to take the countdown clock off the man web page because at this point we're so close, but can't predict the outcome of the inspections and fix ups that need to happen before we're given permission, so can't give you an actual date. BUT, we can say that we'll be open in less than a week from today!

Wanna sneak peek?

Here is the front counter so far, built for us by Turner Woodworks, (or as I like to call him, 'Andy the Handyman').

All is complete except for the food display case, which is currently being worked on and custom built for us. It'll be installed as soon as it's done, but the installation of it isn't holding up our opening date.

Our final inspection is tomorrow, so we're just making sure all the little odd jobs get done so that we can get the all clear for opening. By little odd jobs, I mean like mixing little bits of tiling grout in Pepsi cups for the last couple of tiles that need to be put in place that couldn't be done before the counters were put in.

I had to include that pic. I've never seen anyone mix grout in a Pepsi cup before, and thought it looked quite hilarious at the time. But if it's all you need, it's all you need, right? Waste not want not.

Everyone keep your fingers crossed for us please! If we get the all clear from the building inspector tomorrow, we'll be able to give you a opening date. We'll just need a few days to move all our stuff in, get everything set up and working, and make it look nice and purdy for ya'll.

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