Monday, October 26, 2009

Tiz the season, for scary readin'

Halloween is our all-time favorite time of year... well, it's a close contender with Thanksgiving. Who doesn't love the excuse of cooking, eating as much as you want, and watching football all day, with no one to tell you that you should be doing any different.

Anyway, back to Halloween!

So weird. Get this, right... yesterday morning, we go to open the shop, and find that all these huge spiders came in (must have been after we locked up the night before), and just made spider web mess all over the place.

And if that wasn't enough, these skeletons just waltzed on in, must've thought we make a pretty cool hang out, and decided to just stick around and make themselves at home.

If these skeletons belong to anyone's closet, can you please come claim them back. They're taking up valuable sitting space for our alive customers, like Wayde and Chris, who stopped by to surf the web for a while...

I'm sure Monty and friend didn't appreciate being stared at as they drank their coffee and browsed some books.

We've got some events planned especially for the little 'uns on Halloween, so check back for details - either here or on our website,

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