Tuesday, September 15, 2009

OK. I know that we keep saying it.
And our store windows keep saying it...

... but now that our floors are stained and sealed, we are now one-down-one-to-go (obstacles to opening wise) away from being ready to open for business.

Here's a close up of the stained concrete effect... what do you think?

Pretty snazzy, huh! We absolutely LOVE the floors, and can't believe how good they turned out. Mike and the guys at Summit Decorative Concrete (a Golden owned business) stained the floors over and above our expectations. We're so happy with their work, we figured they're worth a special mention on this blog post.
So here is the semi finished total store product.

The finishing work on our counters is happening as you read this (care of Andy the handy man), and will be ready for installation within the next week or so. Today we're working out the details on one FINAL obstacle, and once that's all sorted out, we'll be moving in, cleaning up, and hanging the neon 'open' sign in the front window.

Can I breath a sigh of relief yet?
Well, no. Not just yet.
You'll know when I do.
I'm sure you'll feel the ripple effect of a breeze flow out from 720 Golden Ridge Road.

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