Friday, May 25, 2012

What's with all the roundabouts? (and other important questions to Golden locals...)

Coffee with a Councilor
Saturday, June 2nd, 9am

Got questions about what’s happening in your neighborhood? Want answers, but don’t have the time to suit up and make an appointment with a councilor? Well keep those curlers in your hair, don a dressing gown over those PJ’s, and have your morning joe with Joe, or Saoirse, or another one of your Council reps. From these morning sessions at Read, Write & Brew, Jefferson and I have had many answers to questions we’ve had regarding our local neighborhood, from growing a tree in the nature strip near our house, to pesky traffic lights that always seem to be red (you know the ones we're talking about if you live in Eagle Ridge).  No question or query is too small.
 For more information about 'Coffee with a Councilor', email or phone 303.709.7529, or just stop by unannounced. We won't mind. Curlers, PJ's and all. At least brush your teeth first though. It's all we ask.

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