Monday, December 13, 2010

New Live Musical Act at Read, Write & Brew

Thursday December 16th @ 5pm

Kristin Myers, a local folk musical artist, will perform at Read, Write & Brew songs from her album, 'Regardless of Me'. Grab a coffee, grab a couch, and enjoy the sweet tunes.

Now you know why we posted that link - to sucker you in. You want to hear more now, don't you! Well you can - live, and for FREE! Bring yourself and your friends down to Read, Write & Brew this Thursday night at 5pm, 'regardless of' whatever else you had planned (sorry Kristin, I just couldn't resist).

About Kristin
After traveling around the world Kristin Myers has broken in to the folk scene with a passion and determination. Her fans find themselves humming the melodies, saying “They have been my own personal soundtrack.”Her first album, Regardless of Me, highlights Kristin and her guitar. Recorded over the span of three months, the album is a concise collection of songs she has written, which now number over one hundred. Her album has been called “a sweet and much needed return to folk music” with songs that take you through the depths of a city, to the top of its highest sky rise, to a new found sanctuary and finally back home, all the while exploring various connections and relationships.

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