Monday, July 26, 2010

Java Junkies of the month - Jack and Melissa

Jack was one of the very first customers to walk through the door at Read, Write & Brew, and has been coming in almost daily ever since. He lives in the condo complex across the street, and discovered us one morning while going for a walk through the neighbourhood. He came in daily for his usual, which was a cappuccino. Then he started coming in with Melissa, his caregiver. He got her hooked on us (she comes in sometimes without Jack now), and she got Jack hooked on our White Chocolate Mocha's. He wasn't interested in trying anyhting new, but after she talked Jack into taking a sip of her white mocha one day, just to taste it, it's been Jack's 'usual' ever since. For the summertime, Melissa has switched to the frappé version though. Jack still likes his hot.

Q: What book are you reading right now?
A: (Jack) Patton (no author given).
A: (Melissa) ..something by Dean Koontz, but I can't remember the name of it right now...

Q: What is your favorite author/book?
A: (Jack) No favorite author. I like Non-Fiction books best.
A: (Melissa) Stephen King.
Q: What do you do for work?
A: (Jack) I'm retired now, but I graduated from CU and worked in the army, and when I came back to Colorado I worked for the government.
A: (Melissa) Professional Caregiver. My husband and I also own our own hardwood flooring business.
Should we plug their business? Of course we should!
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Jack has travelled the world, and 17 years ago married his wife, Francie. He has a total of 5 kids, 16 grandkids and he even has great-grandkids!
Melissa is also married with two kids.

Q: What would you like people reading this blog to know about you?
A: (Jack) I've met the Queen of England.
Jefferson: Really, as in 'Queen Elizabeth', the current Queen of England?
A: (Jack) yes.
A: (Melissa) I've met Mr T!

Thanks Jack and Melissa for being great customers and loyal supporters of our 'lil 'ol coffee shop and used bookstore. Jack and Melissa received a $10 Read, Write & Brew gift certificate for being our July Java Junkies.

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