Friday, May 28, 2010

Java Junkie of the month - Sara Webb

Jefferson and I still remember the first day we met Sara. We were building out the store - tiling, painting, cleaning, dirty and exhausted - and along comes a bubbly fresh face "Hi! My name's Sara and I can't wait for you guys to open. My two most favorite things in the world are books and coffee. My kids go to the Taekwondo school, so I'm sure you'll see me in your store all the time". Truer words were never spoken, and here we are 8 months later, Java Junkie of the month (our second ever Java Junkie).

On that day we were pretty excited at having officially met our first customer, before we'd even opened for business, and had no idea at the time how we'd come to get to know the awesome person Sara is, and that she would become a valued friend of ours.

Sara comes in almost daily (sometimes bi-daily) for her steamed soy latte - but as the weather has gotten warmer, now she's switched to iced (as per the pic above). She enjoys these at the store while Chloe and Brett (her twin 11 year olds and 'partners in crime') are working their martial art butts off at the Taekwondo studio across the parking lot. They come in after class for their well deserved sugar free and chocolatey drinks and muffins.

Sara lives just down the road in Morrison, and is a teacher at Jefferson Highschool. You'll probably spot her at the store from time to time researching for her classes, or meeting with her fellow teachers. She's passionate about being a high school teacher and by the way she talks about her students, it's obvious she genuinely cares about them, understands them, and respects them. She often comes in wearing 'Jefferson' (school) t-shirts, and has to explain to Jefferson (Read, Write & Brew) that no, she's not his number 1 fan, it's a school shirt, and enough with the wise cracks.

Julie: So, what book are you reading at the moment?
Sara: Mexican WhiteBoy by Matt de la Pena

Julie: I haven't heard of that one... is it any good?
Sara: A few of my students said they'd read it and said it was really good, so I thought I'd give it a try, amongst others I'm reading right now. But I'm enjoying it.
Jefferson: (comes up from behind us and takes over, without invitation) I've got a Jefferson 'Hard Core Question' for you. Name your favorite break dance move.
Sara: I don't even know any break dance moves....
Jefferson: Would you rather burn to death, or..... what?
Sara: What's my alternative?
Jefferson: That's for you to say!
Sara: Ummm.....
Jefferson: (while Sara is saying 'ummm') What do you never leave the house without?
Sara: My nails painted.
Jefferson: What do you think of animals with tentacles?
Sara: They're cool because they can re-generate.
Jefferson: What would you like to come back as?
Sara: A tree, because they last for a long time in the proper environment and they're constantly changing.
Customer walks in and Jefferson crawls back into his cage, where he belongs.
Julie: We'll, I guess Jefferson covered pretty much everything. I've got one last question. What's the one thing you'd like the Read, Write & Brew blog readers to know most about you?
Sara: That I'm super passionate about working with adverse kids, and eventually I'd like to finish my counseling masters and work in a halfway house. I think that'd be really worthwhile.

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Chilada said...

wow! she like working with adverse kids.. That explain why she gets along with J-proff