Thursday, April 1, 2010

Read, Write & Brew, and SMOOTHIES!

Now not only can you read a book, write an email, and have a cup of 'brew' at Read, Write & Brew, but you can also have a cup of creamy, frosted, refreshing deliciousness as well. We call 'em Ice-Creamers (because they're made with ice and are m-mm-creamy good)... but we're open to other quirky name suggestions, so if you can think of something cool, let us know. We tried to brain storm name ideas, but drank to many 'ice-creamers' and got brain freeze, and couldn't come up with anything we're really in love with.

Jefferson trying to think of a cool name for our smoothies, while suffering brain freeze.

We decided to go with 'Island Oasis' for our smoothies, because their products contain the highest percentage of fruit content in the smoothie category. They claim to pay more for their fruit to ensure their product is of the highest quality. We've had a few (hundred) taste tests of their smoothies, and if taste is anything to go by - then they're tellin' the truth.

Their products are pasteurized, contain less sugar than other smoothie products out there, and contain 100% of the RDA of Vitamin C.

Lookie! Now doesn't that look soooo good...
... and, whhhaaaatttttttt, only $3.90! Now that's a refreshing luxury that anyone can treat themselves to. And we're not talking just slap it in a cup $3.90. We're talkin' make it all fancy with whipped cream on top and stuff fancy.

The fruit flavors you have to choose from include: strawberry, banana, peach, and mango. Have them on their own, or mix-n-match. We also have ice cream and non fat yogurt, if you want more of a "strawberries 'n cream" kinda twist. Need caffeine, not fruit? We hear ya. That's why we also make coffee smoothies, with real shots of espresso.

We've got the patio set up all nice like, with umbrellas and tables and chairs, and great views of the Golden Foothills. We're far enough away from 6th Avenue that you can't hear the constant shushing of the traffic, but instead you'll be serenaded with the music coming from the speaker we have positioned so that you can hear it outside.

Keep up to date with the weather channel, and the next nice day comin' up, you've just got to relax on the patio with an ice cold smoothie... and on that note (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) it's meant to be 60 degrees and sunny this Sunday. Better come on over and take advantage.

See ya there.

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