Saturday, February 6, 2010

Secret Menu Item

Fancy yourself as one of those 'in the know' kinda people, do ya? Well, by logging onto our Blog site and reading this post, you actually are! So here's a little something for ya... a secret menu item only people who read this blog post are 'in the know' about.

We have a lot of tasty syrups to choose from at our store - but hands down the best flavor we have is definitely 'toffee nut'. It's not written up on our menu board, but ask for it, and you'll get the special nod, wink, and delicious sweet caramelly toffee nuttiness added to your drink for just 45 cents.

Why keep such a great flavor a secret and not promote it for everyone to try? Well, we are going to add it to the menu eventually - for sure! It'll become our best seller we reckon. We just like the idea of a secret menu, and are curious to see which of our customers read our blog site.

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