Thursday, November 19, 2009

Come see the creation of the mural we're having painted at Read, Write & Brew

Talented tattoo artist and friend of ours, Wayne, is currently in action painting up a mural on the bare strip of ceiling above the Read, Write & Brew counter.

The theme is 'A Timeline of the Written Word', in keeping with the 'read' and 'write' in 'Read, Write & Brew'. We'll incorporate the drinking of coffee in the timeline also - and yes, our favorite dudes the kokopelli's are featured prominently in the piece as well (just for a bit of fun).

Here's a sneak peek of his awesome work so far, but to see more - you gotta come into the store. Looks so much better in real life. If you like Wayne's style, maybe also ask him about that tattoo you've been thinking of getting done while you're in? Even if you don't want a tattoo, ask him about one anyway. He has a really cool Irish accent, so you'll probably just want to hear him talk a lot and that's as good a topic as any.

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