Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday 8/11 update

Howdy Folks! Its Tuesday morning, and the lights and vents are almost done being installed--we should have them, and all electrical outlets as well, working by the end of the week. Tiling is taking FOREVER (but not bad considering neither Julie nor I have ever done any tiling before and had to learn on the fly), but all that is left now is the bathroom and the breakroom, which are only about 50 sq ft each, so we should wrap those up tomorrow or so.
Plumbing and final counter-top buildout should occur next week, and I am told that we could have C.O. in as little as 2 weeks. WOW!
We are currently looking for any bookshelves that any of you out there may have that you could part with. We have close to 35,000 used books and nowhere near enough shelf space for all of them. If you have any bookshelves, no matter what size or condition, please let us know if you could do to be rid of them, and we would be more than happy to take them off your hands. Seriously--WE NEED BOOKSHELVES! Please let us know if you can donate one or more.
Well, hopefully we will be seeing you and serving up a delicious cup of coffee in a couple weeks.

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